A platform to manage all your AI assets at single place

AI Management System
built for Scale

Probyto AIMS is a Full-Featured AI Management System for managing
the complete lifecycle of AI use cases, starting from collaborating ideas
to managing AI assets and tools at scale.

Probyto AIMS on Mobile

PROBYTO AI Management System


Probyto AIMS has been designed to manage data teams in organisations to follow best practices in AI development. It comes with workflows, metadata management, AI Asset Monitoring and AI tool management modules to securely scale your AI on cloud

Reduced cost of AI by resource optimization
Re-usability of assets due to centralized repository
Reduced Risk by establishing complete usecase lineage
Overall Higher Return on AI investments with Low Cost

How Probyto AIMS works?

Probyto AIMS consolidates all your AI assets from various tools and platforms and create a centralized repository. You can calibrate your efforts and AI assets based on monitoring the state of the assets. The system also sends out suggestions and alerts to save cost and increased efficiency.


  • All AI Assets Grouped by usecase


  • Approval based accountability


  • cost optimization by time tracking



  • User-specific AI Asset Access


  • Centralized Data & Tool Access


  • Traceability of Ownership



  • Monitor AI Assets across Tools


  • Performance KPIs


  • Timely adjust estimates & efforts


  • Smart Alerts for failures/success


  • Early Alerts for obsolete Assets


  • Recommendation for Cost Savings


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