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Let us help you understand your company's current AI needs.
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Probyto's Data Science Success Ladder framework© breaks down your company's path to AI rollout in five steps.


Data Maturity Assessment

The assessment will have 10 questions to understand your current data capabilities and compare that with Probyto's success ladder framework. The assessment also provide you the industry insights by comparing your assessment with other clients. It will take 3 minutes to complete.

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    Business performance
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    Drive Strategies
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    Predict Behaviour
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    Identify Trends
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    Revenue Growth
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    Operational Efficiency
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    Reduce Cost
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    Understand Customers

End to End Development and Management of AI Solutions

Probyto manages full lifecycle of AI solutions, starting from identifying business problem to delivery of application for enterprise use, in most cost-effective manner

  • AI Consultation for discussing AI needs and choosing solution for your business
  • Fully Managed AI platform for solution delivery over web and mobile app
  • More than 20 pre-built solutions for accelerated onboarding
  • “Pay as you Go” Subscription Payment Model

How Probyto AI Solutions accelerate your AI Journey?

Probyto delivers the AI solutions through its Managed AI platform which is highly scalable and secure platform for running any AI models. The solution delivered via Managed AI platform, on average cost 60% less than be-spoke solutions and the “Pay as you Go” subscription model to manage cost.

Managed AI
How it works ?

3 easy steps to get your AI journey accelerated

1 Day for consultation

Probyto experts will listen to your problem, select the right solution from platform and guide you with demo expected results

5 Days for Set-Up

Work with technical team to set-up the data streams, AI models, KPIs dashboard and brand customizations

1 Day for onboarding

Onboarding sessions to equip your team how to use the platform and make best of AI for your business.

*given problem fits a pre-built solution and client have data ready


Why Managed AI solutions from Probyto?

Managed AI is best choice for business who require latest AI solutions without worrying about managing AI end to end lifecycle

  • Completely managed AI Solutions for your essential AI needs
  • Industry level implementation and best algorithms
  • Reduce adoption cost by 60% & increase speed of adoption
  • Easy adoption of AI within your organisation with simple interface
  • Access to best industry models and data scientist at low cost
  • Fully managed solutions, so you need not to worry about technology or skills
  • Peer-reviewed and validated models and deployment methods
  • Probyto’s expertise for minor and major modifications as per your business

Probyto's expertise in Delivering AI Solutions

  • Combined experience of 15 years in finance, retail industry
  • Professional consulting experience
  • Customer centric approach
  • Cross-domain and cross geography experience
  • Goal oriented solution approach
  • Transparent discussions and shared benefits
  • Best data scientist to build accurate models
  • Top University Collaboration for Research
  • AI Journal publishing for new ideas
  • Targeted business problem solving with academic rigour
  • Manage the whole AI research lifecycle for business
  • Actionable AI research tied to business objectives
  • Highly skilled team in latest cloud technologies
  • Public Cloud or Bare Metal the team can do both
  • Latest technology and language stack for modern applications
  • Integration capability to any legacy or modern data systems
  • Native developer of AI solutions using best Open source alternatives
  • Rapid prototyping and Containerization skills
  • The key is customer success with AI tools
  • 24x7 customer support throughout AI journey
  • Shared value creation by pay as you go model
  • Customer problems are solved by best AI researchers and cloud experts
  • Ever improving platforms and AI models by automation
  • Customer engagement and education is key for Probyto

Probyto’s Managed AI platform pricing

Probyto follows the value-based approach, the price that you pay for what you use and benefits you make with AI.

  • One-time set-up fee
  • Per month per user charge (minimum 6 months subscription)
  • Consulting fee for customization (if required), per hour per resource
  • Infrastructure cost
Get Started

You still have questions about pricing or product?

Probyto pricing is divided into three parts, first is fixed platform set-up fee, second recurring subscription charge relating to users and covering infrastructure cost to scale, third customization cost which is charged per hour basis to give control of pricing. You can talk to sales consultant to get price estimates before signing up.

You can cancel the subscription by giving a 1-month notice. The one-month notice period will be used to facilitate delivery of your data, erasing your records as per data regulations and laws, and cover for closure of infrastructure services. If your organisation wants custom off-boarding you can talk to our sales team.

Yes, given your problem statement is well defined and you have correct data to solve that available in digital format. In case you are looking build a business application then contact sales team, that may be a complete development project.

Probyto adheres to its security policy which is based on principles of code separation and storage separation. A detailed statement can be request for pre-validation of AI platform. Our team is available 24x7 through online channel for any issues in the platform and ready to help with issue to keep your business running.

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    Innovation at core of Probyto's AI Solutions

    Probyto's Managed AI Solutions are best in market and driven by peer reviewed models, adopted by best technologies and AI Development. While you focus in business we build best AI solutions for you.

    AI Lab

    About AI Innovation Lab

    We collaborate with multiple professionals, students and scholars to build solutions for unique problems and create new opportunities with data & technology. The lab is both physical at our innovation partner institutions and online for wider group.

    • AI Journal – Peer reviewed papers, AI projects and technological improvements
    • AI e-Learning – Specialized learning courses to build AI solutions
    • AI Bookshelf – Probyto’s and it’s team members international publications
    • Research Partners – AI Lab Research and Development partners

    Innovation Matrix


    *Source: Harvard Business Review

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    Data Maturity Assessment

    We will be asking 10 questions to understand your needs better and also provide you the industry insights by comparing your stage with other clients we work with. It will take 3 minutes to complete.

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