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We provide custom-made data science solutions ranging from analytical insights from media aggregation to flood warnings using satellite images. We take pride in our responsible AI practices and are committed to growing your business through the data-driven decision making

Our Approach To Your Success

Probyto’s approach is to become your companion and help you climb the data science success ladder. Your pursuit to achieve superior business value from data is our mission. Our AI Accelerators can optimize your cost, reduce time to market and give higher RoI on your data investments. Our dedicated research-driven AI Innovation Lab gives you custom-made AI solutions for a market-leading position in data science practices

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Your organization and employee need to embrace the change in 2019. Stay at the forefront of Data Revolution!

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Light GBM vs XGBoost in Machine Learning

Boosted decision tree is very popular among Kaggle competition winners and know for high accuracy for classification problems. Gradient boosting is a machine learning technique that produces a prediction model in the form of an ensemble of weak classifiers, optimizing a differentiable loss function. Recently, Cortana Intelligence and ML Blog Team published their comparative results

Emergence of Proxy Data in Machine Learning

Data requirements for Machine Learning algorithms is usually higher compared to traditional statistical algorithms. As more and more organisations rely on models for their operational work it becomes important to make sure data is available in good quality at the exact time of model execution/scoring. In the changing complex world all the data points are

Data Protection Framework in India and its components

Indian policy framework has been very proactive in capturing the wave of data emergence and industry 4.0 revolution. Probyto have been following General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) & providing its input on impact of same in Data Science applications. GDPR is also one of the leading example for Data Protection which is expected to be adopted

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