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Our Approach To Your Success

Probyto’s approach is to become your companion and help you climb the data science success ladder. Your pursuit to achieve superior business value from data is our mission. Our AI Accelerators can optimize your cost, reduce time to market and give higher RoI on your data investments. Our dedicated research-driven AI Innovation Lab gives you custom-made AI solutions for a market-leading position in data science practices.

Data Aware

Data Aware

We help you understand your industry data and market trends.

Upskill program

Upskill program​

We train talent to take up challenges in Data Science.

Data problem

Data problem discovery

We conduct events and targetted intervention to discover data



Develop rapid prototypes to get ready for full scale development of Data Solutions.

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

We help enterprises to build customised data applications to cater their need and deploy,manage them.

Probyto’s Centre for AI Innovation provides innovative to data solutions and custom prototypes. Probyto’s AI Accelerators provides cost optimized ready-to-use AI solutions for your business.

100+ Faculties Trained

Probyto deliver Faculty Development Programs for Electronics & ICT Academy(EICT), IIT Guwahati

Committed to Develop Teachers for future Talent.

12 MVPs in our AI Lab

Probyto's AI Lab host the Minimal Viable Product(MVPs) for our Industry members

Investing in Future of Data Science

11 Research Papers

Probyto's research collaboration produce quality research papers and conference demos.

Our work is peer reviewed by Experts

Probyto's Unique Value Proposition

Why work with Probyto ?

  • One place to hire services from a diverse team having expertise in algorithms, consulting, AI/ML and IoT Engineering
  • Industry experts derive the projects for you, so you focus on business while we take care of AI/ML
  • Optimised cost and faster delivery leveraging global and regional presence 

Responsible AI at Probyto

We at Probyto a strict policy of providing our services and data products for responsible use. Our code of ethics follows Google’s Responsible guidelines and we audit our work to remove any social bias in our algorithms.

Google’s Responsible AI guidelines can be accessed here