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Why Probyto AI

Probyto AI has been designed to manage data teams in organisations to follow best practices in AI development. It comes with out of box integrations with your favorite tools, data connections and pre-built solutions to accelerate your AI journey.

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Accelerate Adoption of AI in your Organization

Probyto AI will reduce your time to realise value from your AI Investments by 60% and reduce your cost of setting up complete Tool Stack by 50% for your Data Science Teams. Sign up to the new way of AI Development

Integrated with essential Tools

Probyto AI comes integrated with essentials tools to allow your team focus on building solutions rather than managing tools.

  • Building Dashboards to Deployments

    All tools required for your team to design data pipelines to integrate with API as provided out of the box

  • Ready to Start Cloud Hosted

    The tools are hosted on cloud and integrated with platform. Just sign-up and start building solutions.

Connect to any Data Source

Probyto has pre-built connectors to popular data sources for heavy data transfers. Custom connectors can also be developed in Python to design complex data pipelines

  • Open Source Ready

    The platform is already integrated with Apache Airflow and allows the box connections to popular cloud and on-premise data sources.

  • Analytical Data Warehouse

    Probyto AI only stores the data required for analysis and AI applications to allow your teams to develop solutions on cloud. You can connect any third party tool to your processed data with API or JDBC

Pre-Built Solutions for Business Usecases

The platform host pre-built solutions for popular business usecases for your team to pick and modify for your need quickly.

  • Notebooks, Pipelines & Scriptss

    Find all pre-built resources you need to deploy your solutions in secure scalable cloud with minimal changes.

  • Request for Custom Solutions

    Probyto experts can help you built custom solutions as per your need in Data Science as-a Service model.

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