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Probyto develops Artificial Intelligence(AI) Solutions for businesses and delivers them through fully Managed AI platform. AI Platform enables businesses of any size to subscribe AI solutions and get started within 7 days!

While you Focus on your Business, We Run your AI


How Probyto accelerates your AI Journey?

Probyto delivers the AI solutions through its Managed AI platform which is highly scalable and secure platform for running any kind of AI models. The AI solutions delivered via Managed AI platform on average increase the speed of adoption by 80% and reduce cost by 60% compared to be-spoke solutions

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AI Usecases for your Business

Probyto has pre-built AI models for varies usecase across functions, industries and platforms. You can get started with the pre-built solutions as less as in 7 days. You can request a PoC to see how they work for your data.

Let us understand your company's current AI needs using Probyto's AI Success Ladder framework©

The framework breaks down the AI Success journey in 4 steps. We ask you 10 questions and it takes 3 minutes to complete the AI Maturity Assessment