Supreme Court of India Judgements

Our parsers extracted a varied number of fields

LAWBO Architecture

More than AI/ML we needed quite a many technology

Processing Intents using Natural Language Processing

Language understanding in a chatbot

Dynamic Memory Network (DMN)

A neural network based framework for general Q & A

Q & A Tasks

We modelled four types of tasks using DMN

DMN integrated to LAWBO using flask

A quick look into DMN in LAWBO Chatbot

Presenting LAWBO

Karthik Ramasubramanian on behalf of team Probyto presenting LAWBO - A Smart Lawyer Chatbot at 5th International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence.

Probyto is collaborating with academia, businesses and organizations to develop a prototype for LAWBO. We welcome your feedbacks and happy to partner with you or your organization. Please fill the form below to get in touch.

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