In agriculture, post-harvest handling is the preliminary stage in a crop’s lifecycle which immediately follows harvest and is important to extend the marketable life of any produce. During the entire lifecycle starting from post-harvest till it reaches the consumer hands, there are so many technological interventions that we feel is necessary to improve the current process.

Sorting and Grading

Computer Vision based technologies are highly effective in sorting and grading of fruits, vegetables and flowers which in turns increase the efficiency of the agricultural chain and ultimately reduce waste while increase farmers’ earnings.

IoT based test for nutrients & micronutrients in soil

The 11th five-year plan [2007-2012] of Govt. of India acknowledged the importance of proper soil management in agriculture for the first time. For this, Soil Health Management (SHM) scheme was devised to assist State Governments to set up new static Soil Testing Laboratories (STLs) and Mini Soil Testing Labs (MSTLs). IoT based sensors are highly effective in collecting, disseminating and drawing insights from the data collected from the soil at much rapid speed.

Detect Crop Diseases

Crop diseases like bacterial leaf in rice, wheat rust, leaf spot in groundnut and many other diseases often show some clear visual clues for identification by the expert farmers. However, for the naïve eyes it could be hard to spot and often detected only post the damage is done. Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence could play an important role in early detection and diagnosis of such diseases.

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