231Are you trying to predict sales? Looking for new ways to analyse your workforce? Looking for new features in your product? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help you to answer these questions.

Probyto's Managed AI Platform is a pre-built solutions marketplace from various functions and industry. You can browse and pick up solutions to adopt in your business.

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The Probyto's Managed AI platform brings the AI solutions quicker and in fully managed way to the businesses. The platform allows easy adoption to solve business problems using data driven approaches. Industry best models, approaches and infrastructure available out of box in AI platform. Browse the pre-built solutions and get in touch to start your AI journey.

AI Solutions

Probyto has been developing AI Solutions by analyzing industry trends in Data Science ans also validating them with our industry experts for maturity to use. We have an ever-growing list of AI Solutions across industries, currently, the industries we cover are:


Solutions in Data Aggregation, Price forecasting and quality labelling using IoT data

Retail and E-Commerce

Solutions in recommendation, market mix, discount and warranty analysis models

Banding and Securities

Solutions in Credit Score Cards, revenuue forecast, Monte Carlo simulations

Telecom Industry

Solutions in Churn modelling, offer bundling, network quality metrics analysis

Travel and Hospitality

Solutions in yield optimization, travel offer bundling, travel recommmendation models

Media and Entertainment

Solutions in social media monitoring, trend discovery, creating content discovery, user profile analysis


Solutions in predictive underwriting, damage estimation, longevity analysis, social media based user profiling


Solutions in predictive maintenance, floor monitoring, bill of material optimization

Type of AI Solutions

Off-the-shelf Solutions

We have a collection of industry-specific standard models ready to be trained on your data and deployed as API in as minimum as 7 days time

Minimal Change to Adoption

We can work with businesses to bring tweaks in algorithms to match your business need and deploy the solutions as API in as minimum as 30 days

Customization of Solution

If you want you build a customized model, Probyto's AI Solutions offer a higher degree of customization to match your business needs and is developed in an agile manner

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Probyto is helping various industries to become data driven in 2020

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