“In a survey of retail executives by JDA Software Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), 86% of retail executives polled said they plan to increase investment in big data tools over the coming year”
- innovation enterprise

Retail and trade is ever growing industry as the global demand is always an uptick. With digital channels and improved sales and distribution, the data has come to centre stage for future growth. Probyto provide Data Science solutions for various verticals in Retail. You name it, we got it for you.

Customer Experience



Supply Chain Logistics

  • Personalized recommendations and multi-level reward programs based on purchase preferences, online data, smartphone apps, etc.
  • Predictive analytics for the enhancement of the customer experience across all channels and devices, online and off
  • Faster revenue growth through detailed market basket analysis
  • Targeted campaigns using analytics to segment consumers, identify the most appropriate channels and achieve optimal ROI
  • Improved, real-time inventory tracking and management

Probyto have combined experience of domain knowledge for Data Solutions, Technology, Algorithms and use-case knowledge to help you create more impact with Data in retail. We can help you uncover data sources and integrate them into one platform. We can help you deploy visualisation platforms and build stories for business metrics.


Karthik Ramasubramanian


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