“In fact, according to the FBI, fraudulent claims, not counting health insurance claims, cost the average US family between $400 and $700 per year in the form of increased premiums.”
- Forbes.com

Big data processing has become relevant and revolutionizing the insurance industry by effecting the value chain, from insurance product design to fraud detection. Insurance is co-opting with technology to expand its base while improving offerings. Probyto does research in Insurance industry and have proposed use-cases for adoption.

Consumer Trend Analysis

Fraud Investigation

Predict future behaviour

Analytics for underwriting, price, claims, marketing

  • Predictive models for underwriting policies, predicting claims, reserving and protentional lapse prediction
  • Pattern analysis for fraud detection and investigation using graph databases and neural networks
  • Predictive algorithms to identify the high-risk claims which are generally undetected due to very minute signals of being a risky claim.
  • Predicting trends and impact of changing habits among customers to improve risk pricing and claims management.

Probyto have combined experience of domain knowledge for Data Solutions, Technology, Algorithms and use-case knowledge to help you create more impact with Data in Insurance. We can help you uncover data sources and integrate them into one platform. Also assist to deploy visualisation platforms and build stories for business metrics.


Abhishek Singh


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