“New Entrants are leveraging Data Analytics to disrupt Financial Services Market & 68% of established institutions are not ready to compete”
- Telstra Global study of 43 Financial Institutions

Banking system is among the first in adopting use of digital platform and internet for its day to day operations. The data collected by Banking system puts this industry at the forefront of Data Science revolution. Probyto follows the latest trends in the Industry and provide most impactful solutions.

Optimise cross selling

Customer Trend Analytics

Risk Management

Detect and Prevent banking frauds

  • Improve customer experience and profit by optimizing the cross-selling and up-selling by using advanced predictive models.
  • Customer analytics to find trends, preferences, product designs and marketing insights for better services & products.
  • Using Machine Learning (ML) and Statistics tools improve the risk management by automatically identifying and mitigate financial risk by accurate prediction and multi-variate analysis.
  • Identify fraudulent customers and transactions using the predictive algorithms from ML and AI.
  • Implementing financial securities pricing using Big data technology platforms.

Probyto have combined experience of domain knowledge for Data Solutions, Technology, Algorithms and use-case knowledge to help you create more impact with Data in Banking & Securities. We can help you uncover data sources and integrate them into one platform. Also assist to deploy visualisation platforms and build stories for business metrics.


Abhishek Singh


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