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Probyto AIMS has modules for all your needs to manage AI Assets. The team can build the AI Assets anywhere but record in AIMS for centralized access and sharing across team.

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Manage and Track AI Assets

Tracking numerous AI Assets and managing them is tough for growing team. Being able to quickly find the deployed models or active dashboards helps teams deliver faster.

Ideas, Usecases, Data Sources, Models, BI Dashboards

See all active AI assets and their owners; you can enable or disable them as required.

Connectors & Integrations
Develop AI assets in any tools and log them here for easy sharing and discovery by the team.  
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AI Workflows and Data Team

To deliver value from data, Enterpises need a diverse skilled team to work in tandem for each use case.

Design Thinking in AI Workflows

To generate maximum value from AI, one need to follow some best practices to track tasks. Probyto AI takes care of them by design.

Team Management

Probyto AI allows the creation of workspaces and assigning appropriate roles to users, resources they can access, and manage licenses to third-party tools using OAuth.

Stronger Data Governance

Data Governance and Security is at core of successful AI adoption. Probyto AI have built the best tools to allow collaboration in team, at the same time following best principles.

Data Policy, Access Control, Approval Flows

Allows data policies to be uploaded and shared with the team, create custom roles and approval flows to control the flow of tasks.

Stronger Security

2FA Access, Resource level access control, Cyber Security Shield, Secure sharing of files among the team and complete Audit.

Ready to Go Open AI Stack

Every Data team have its own preferences and requirements while building AI solutions. Probyto AI allows integrations to third party tools to log the activities, and also provide a pre-built Open AI stack for quicker turnaround.

Probyto Open AI Stack

Probyto provides an Open AI stack that has tools ready to take your team’s to work to production in a few days. We provide managed Open AI stack for enterprise customers.

Bring Your Own Stack

You may be using some tools and want to integrate them with our portal. Premium customers can use our APIs to log in or request our team for custom integrations.

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