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Enterprises gain immense value from Data Science in a step-wise process, The Success Ladder, Probyto help you climb

Our Experts at Probyto having immense experience across industries and geographies have created the Data Science Success ladder to help enterprises realise value from their Data. The process of creating value is envisioned as a value adding success ladder, our experience working with ladder have proven results for enterprises our expert team has worked with in past. At Probyto we are committed to help you climb the ladder and become leader in your domain.

So, where do you belong to in the success ladder?

Step 1 - Data Awareness

At this stage we help our clients understand what data is being generated, stored and transferred across systems.

Are you aware about your own data?

Do you know what latest is happening in your industry?

Join Probyto’s meet-up groups or open events to learn more!

Step 2 - Upskill Program

At this step, the client is already aware about its own and industry data. We now move on to help them equip with right skills to harness the value from data.

Are you comfortable with latest technology stacks?

Do you know how to apply algorithms in business context?

Join Probyto specialised Upskill program or access our resources through partner channel!

Step 3 - Data Problem Discovery

Identifying the right Data Problem and reducing it to be solved by Data Science is most vital step to ensure a successful outcome.

Does your problem is a Data Problem or Operational problem?

Have you defined the problem statement clearly?

Join Probyto Hackathon events or one-to-one discussions to discover Data Problem!

Step 4 - Prototype Development

Prototype is an essential step before commissioning a full scale data solution development to help understand success metrics and Return on Investment on solution cost.

Does the prototype shows expected results?

Does the cost benefit analysis justify full development?

Become member of Probyto’s AI Lab to see working prototypes or engage in a rapid prototyping!

Step 5 - Enterprise Solution

At this stage, the client is ready to truly become data driven and make maximum value out of the data solutions. The investment in data will have highest return.

How to keep improving on existing solutions?

Go for horizontal and vertical integration of data applications.

Probyto’s expert service can help you retain your exclusive market position and keep you growing with future innovations!


Structured approach to win the race of Data Science helps create long term value for your enterprise and business. We at Probyto bring experience of building data science capabilities across industry verticals and helping businesses win.

Probyto is your companion to climb up the ladder, whichever step you are. Contact us to start your journey to excellence in data science.

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