Center of Excellence

The Probyto Centre of Excellence (PCoE), is an industry-focused technology centre in academic institutions for the development of data science and analytics solutions, focusing on research driven innovative techniques and technologies that enable people, organizations and industries to use data for better decision making.

  • Rapidly deliver deployable data analytics technology demonstrators to industry.
  • State-of-the-art reviews of data analytics technology, tools, best practice methodologies and processes.
  • The Centre will produce an extensive catalogue of demonstrators, IP and big data analytics technology assessments, which are immediately available for evaluation.

Probyto is committed to bring synergy into the Data Science Ecosystem by converting Cutting edge research into Data Prototypes & Intellectual Property

  • Access to lot of industry problem statements.
  • MoU based sponsored research projects from industry.
  • Scope of producing patents and publications in national and international journals.
  • Faculty and Student exchange programs at a global platform.
  • Connect to our Centre of Excellence network.
  • Evaluate the research driven AI/ML prototype designs which are peer reviewed
  • Access to innovative prototype designs at a minimal cost and maximum efficiency
  • Speed to market from Idea to Product phase
  • 20-25 prototypes every year across industries
  • Connect to our wall of ideas network for various industry use-cases around analytics
  • The institution should be more than 5 years old.
  • Should be a renowned institution with excellent placement records, industry collaboration and a good track record for the execution of govt or industry funded projects.
  • The department seeking the partnership should have at least 3 PhDs in the respective focus research group.