Career Paths

Probyto has three career tracks catering to core elements of high performing data science team. The core elements of data science are self-sustaining verticals working in tandem to deliver superior solutions to our clients.

Individuals within the Data Scientist role are responsible for modeling complex data problems, discovering business insights and identifying opportunities through the use of statistical, algorithmic, mining and visualization techniques. In addition to advanced analytic skills, this role is also proficient at integrating and preparing large, varied datasets, architecting specialized database and computing environments, and communicating results.

Individuals within the Big Data Engineer role ensure that data pipelines are scalable, repeatable, and secure, and can serve multiple users within the Institute. They help facilitate getting data from a variety of different sources, getting it in the right formats, assuring that it adheres to data quality standards, and assuring that downstream users can get that data quickly. This role usually functions as a core member of an agile team. These professionals are responsible for the infrastructure that provides insight from raw data and handles diverse sources of data seamlessly.

Data Solution professionals work as the strategic interface with assigned areas of the Institute for business-IT strategy development, solution discovery, service management, risk management and relationship management. These individuals serve as the relationship linkage between the Client and Probyto. They provide highly-valued strategic consulting level support and guidance throughout key Probyto initiatives. They facilitate, and serve as a lead, for the planning and execution of initiatives to enable the Institute to achieve objectives through the effective use of technology. They also communicate decisions, priorities and relevant project information to appropriate levels of staff regarding service requests, projects and initiatives.