The importance of application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing sector plays vital role. AI-powered data analytics will help the manufactures to improve their productivity by having well planned work schedule, smartly designed products, advanced predictive maintenance strategies and efficiency in quality controls. This also involves the safety of employees.

Problem Statement

  1. How to asses the performance of product?
  2. How to detect the irregularities in machine’s condition to do predictive maintenance?
  3. How to enhance the speed of quality inspections?

Key Machine Learning Models

  1. Predictive maintenance model
  2. Consumer-focused manufacturing
  3. Predictive quality control assessment model
  4. Price forcast model

Key Business KPIs

  1. Maintenance Costs Reduction
  2. Capacity Utilization
  3. Inventory Accuracy
  4. Failed Audits
  5. Bonus Production: Cycle Time

Data Sources

  1. Inventory System
  2. Quality Control System
  3. Design System
  4. Unit Maintenance Data
  5. HRMS Systems