Management usecase is used to present all important management KPIs in a single place, share insights with c-level executives in an efficient way, and empower the management to make fast and data-driven decisions based on the latest information.

Problem Statement

  1. How effective are you at creating profit on each dollar of revenue generated
  2. Track your net profit by analyzing your bottom line
  3. How efficiently do you use your company’s assets to generate profit?
  4. Measure the profit you manage to produce with your shareholder’s investments
  5. Measure how your business is valued, in comparison to your competitors

Key Machine Learning Models

  1. Customer management
  2. Sales target prediction
  3. Profit management

Key Business KPIs

  1. Customer acquisition cost
  2. Sales target (actual revenue vs forecasted revenue)
  3. Operating profit margin percentage
  4. Return On Assets (ROA)
  5. Return On Equity (ROE)

Data Sources

  1. SAP management
  2. Company reports
  3. Excel/CSV Reports