Logistics industries are network-based nature. That provides a framework for adopting and scaling artificial intelligence, it enhances the supply chain management, Automated warehouses, Demand predictions, and Smart roads management. Importantly application of artificial intelligence in logistics will help to automate various time-consuming processes. Also, helps to optimize the resource utilization in various public sector development processes.

Problem Statement

  1. How to predict the demand for certain products in warehousing operations?
  2. How to reduce the delivery cost of products?
  3. How to automate the Back office operations?
  4. How to enhance the customer experience?

Key Machine Learning Models

  1. Supply chain management model
  2. Cost estimation model
  3. Automated data processing model
  4. AI-powered chatbot model
Supply Chain – Delivery Time Analysis

Key Business KPIs

  1. Delivery Time
  2. Warehousing Costs
  3. Product Demands
  4. Inventory Accuracy
  5. Inventory to Sales Ratio
  6. Transportation Costs
  7. Shipping Time

Data Sources

  1. RDBMS Data
  2. SAP Data
  3. Excel/CSV Data
  4. Graph Data
  5. Image Data