Artificial Intelligence and its subset Machine Learning technology plays a key role in healthcare related industries. We can say there are numerous machine learning based applications can be developed. These includes the development of more advanced medical procedures, the data analytics in patients monitoring systems and the treatment of severe diseases such as, chronic diseases, cancer. AI development helps to streamline administrative processes in hospitals, map and treat the infectious diseases. Costs, clinical data, pharmaceuticals, and patient behavior are the key areas can be utilized to find actionable insights to solve various problems in healthcare systems. So, the development in healthcare systems with advanced technologies will not only improve the performance of the industry, but also saves many lives.

Problem Statement

  1. How to efficiently diagnose and reduce errors during medical examination?
  2. Earlier detection of diseases
  3. Auditing and reporting adeverse effect of a medicine through social media analytics
  4. Patient behavior monitoring and giving recommendations in real-time basis

Key Machine Learning Models

  1. Sentiment analytics model
  2. Image processing analytics model
  3. Social media analytics model
  4. Deep learning models for targeted treatment

Key Business KPIs

  1. Average Hospital Stay
  2. Treatment Costs
  3. Average Insurance Claim Processing Time and Cost
  4. Patient Wait Time
  5. Patient Satisfaction
  6. Patient Safety
  7. Bed Occupuy Rate
  8. Staff-to-Patient Ratio

Data Sources

  1. Patient Medical Records
  2. Drugs Department Data
  3. Social Media
  4. SAP Data
  5. Image Data