Digital Media use case focuses on whether consumer needs are being realised by the website. Digital Media Managers also need data driven tools to track how a site’s content effect its readership, making them a critical player in developing an effective brand website.

Problem Statements:

  1. How many visitors are visiting the website daily? How did they reach your website?
  2. How many are actually revisiting the website?
  3. How long are the users spending in the website per page?
  4. Which articles are the most read and to which domain do they belong to?

Key Machine Learning Models:

  1. Visitor tracking
  2. Access time and analysis
  3. Article tracking
  4. Social media exposure
Sample plot of Visitors vs Returning visitors

Key Business KPIs:

  1. Reach of the website
  2. Brand popularity
  3. Impact of changes made in website
  4. Effective articles and their domains

Data Sources:

  1. Social Media APIs
  2. Website URL