Authors: Roshan Kumar Gupta, Parvej Saleh, Srivathshan KSIssue: Vol. 1 No. 01 (2020): Probyto AI JournalThe demand for energy is increasing as a result of the growth in both population and industrial development. To improve energy efficiency, consumers need to be more aware of their energy consumption. In recent years, utilities have started developing new […]

Authors: Unnamalai N, Kamalika G, Shubhashri G, Karthik Ramasubramanian, Abhishek Kumar SinghIssue: Vol. 1 No. 01 (2020): Probyto AI JournalArtificial intelligence (AI) has evolved to the stage where it can parse intentions and churn out useful responses to practical queries. Chatbots are AI-driven pieces of software that converse in human terms. They’re not quite ready […]

Authors: Srivathshan KS, Elamathi S, Parvej Reja SalehIssue: Vol. 1 No. 01 (2020): Probyto AI JournalIn democratic systems, voting is a central piece as it gives individuals in a community to voice their opinion. E-voting was acquainted to address few concerns, such as decrease in number of voters, security and accessibility of current voting systems. […]

Authors: Rakibul Asheeque, Srivathshan KS, Parvej SalehIssue: Vol. 1 No. 01 (2020): Probyto AI JournalThe Adverse Drug Effects (ADEs) are the harmful reaction towards a prescribed medicine. Pharmacovigilance is the effort to detect, assess and prevent ADEs. ADE detection in one of the most essential objective of post-marketing stage. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses […]

Authors: Srivathshan KS, Parvej Reja Saleh, Vishesh Kumar Jha, Joyfred Jesuraj A, Desu Sesha Sai SuhashIssue: Vol. 1 No. 01 (2020): Probyto AI JournalWith a total of 4,156,932,140 internet users by 2017, the number of internet users has increased drastically, reaching 54% of the total population and counting. An increase in the total number of […]