Probyto AIMS Data Management Modules help you log the data in three stages. Staging, Warehouse & Datasets. Staging is where EL tools bring data, Warehouse is complete data with the analytical data model, and Data sets are a subset of Warehouse specifically curated for the use case.

Probyto AIMS has an inbuilt oAuth server to manage user access and licenses to your tools. Centralized access control for security and availability for your Data Users.

Probyto AIMS comes integrated with DataHub allowing Data engineers to discover data with Data Warehouses for downstream processes.

SaaS businesses need to improve their security to keep their product and customers safe. Easiest approach to take and simplest to set up is 2FA. It is an authentication method in which a user is not granted account access until they enter their password and provide another form of identification. Probyto AIMS allows the admin to set 2FA on user accounts using Google Authenticator App.

IP Restriction allows administrators or organization owners to limit access of their business data to only a specified and registered IP addresses range. If a user tries to log in outside the required range, it’ll throw an error and the user won’t be able to login and access the platform.

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