JSP Stands for Java Server Pages. A JSP page consists of HTML tags and JSP tags. The JSP pages are easier to maintain than Servlet because we can separate designing and development. It provides some additional features such as Expression Language, Custom Tags, etc.

Advantages of JSP over Servlet

There are many advantages of JSP over the Servlet. They are as follows:

1) Extension to Servlet

JSP technology is the extension to Servlet technology. We can use all the features of the Servlet in JSP. In addition to, we can use implicit objects, predefined tags, expression language and Custom tags in JSP, that makes JSP development easy.

2) Easy to maintain

JSP can be easily managed because we can easily separate our business logic with presentation logic. In Servlet technology, we mix our business logic with the presentation logic.

3) Fast Development: No need to recompile and redeploy

If JSP page is modified, we don’t need to recompile and redeploy the project. The Servlet code needs to be updated and recompiled if we have to change the look and feel of the application.

4) Less code than Servlet

In JSP, we can use many tags such as action tags, JSTL, custom tags, etc. that reduces the code. Moreover, we can use EL, implicit objects, etc.

The Lifecycle of a JSP Page

The JSP pages follow these phases:

  • Translation of JSP Page
  • Compilation of JSP Page
  • Classloading (the classloader loads class file)
  • Instantiation (Object of the Generated Servlet is created).
  • Initialization ( the container invokes jspInit() method).
  • Request processing ( the container invokes _jspService() method).
  • Destroy ( the container invokes jspDestroy() method).

As depicted in the above diagram, JSP page is translated into Servlet by the help of JSP translator. The JSP translator is a part of the web server which is responsible for translating the JSP page into Servlet. After that, Servlet page is compiled by the compiler and gets converted into the class file. Moreover, all the processes that happen in Servlet are performed on JSP later like initialization, committing response to the browser and destroy.

Learn JSP Tutorial – javatpoint
Learn JSP Tutorial for beginners and professionals with life cycles, session tracking, implicit objects, el, jstl, mvc, custom tags, file upload, file download, login, registration etc.

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