With rising cases of pandemic again or as you say the Second wave of COVID-19 have hit us hard. Therefore, every single possibility to control or overcome this pandemic is a blessing to all. In this decade, data is definitely the fuel to ignite such solutions and fight back with a hope.

When the pandemic will end? Who are the most risk? Where and How it spreads? Is it safe to go out? Such questions keep evolving and Data Science can help to analyze these queries and have a clearer picture of the situation.

Source: https://www.teradata.com/getattachment/Blogs/Forecasting-COVID-19-Using-Teradata-Vantage/Picture1.png

Johnson & Johnson, is therefore using Data Science to fight this pandemic. Here are the 3 innovative ways they are utilizing the skills into.

1. Using Data to Track the Pandemic and Forecast Hotspots
2. Harnessing Data to Learn More About Who Might Be Most at Risk of Getting Sick
3. Leveraging Data Insights to Help Inform Decisions About Returning to the Workplace

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The COVID-19 Data Plan: 3 Innovative Ways Johnson & Johnson Is Using Data Science to Fight the Pandemic
Tracking the spread of the virus in real time. Analyzing data to learn more about who’s most vulnerable. These are just a couple of ways the company’s data science team is helping inform how to respond to the pandemic.
Source: https://www.jnj.com/innovation/how-johnson-johnson-uses-data-science-to-fight-covid-19-pandemic

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