If you are working with react then you guys must have heard about the redux. If you are new to redux then don’t worry by the end of this blog you will have the basic knowledge of what is redux and why we are using it so far.

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Why we use it: Big applications have many states and to manage them is much more difficult because our application is made up of components and it works in unidirectional way i.e data passes from the parent component to child components which uses same data so, we need to move on redux.

Before  starting learning how redux works, I want to mention that redux follows two crucial patterns.

First pattern is “Single Source Of Truth” and by this what i mean that we have only one place called Store where we store the only state for the whole application.

Another pattern is “immutability” i.e we don’t change the state object directly instead we need to create new state and update it in the object.

How It Works:


Redux has three parts actions, reducers and store.so you just need to understand the concept of these three then it will be so simple for you and you are going to love using redux. Take a look :- https://redux.js.org/tutorials/fundamentals/part-3-state-actions-reducers.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this. Thank you!!

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Redux Fundamentals, Part 3: State, Actions, and Reducers | Redux
The official Redux Fundamentals tutorial: learn how reducers update state in response to actions

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