Organizations are leveraging machine learning, software-as-a-service and data analytics to fight the ongoing pandemic in India.

Madurai and Telangana are using AI technology to track mask violators. Video Analytic software parse data feeds from CCTVS in public places to detect people violating Health Department protocols. Until November 2020, Madurai City Police had booked close to 47,000 people and collected close to Rs 89 lakh in fines.

Centre of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, DRDO has developed an AI based intelligent covid detection system software ATMAN AI. The intelligent web-based software can classify images under ‘normal’, ‘COVID-19’, and ‘pneumonia’, using chest X-rays.

Conversational CX platform Yellow Messenger launched Yellow Messenger Cares to empower medical support groups, hospitals and businesses.

Source- https://biotechscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/AI-covid_02-730×390.png

Accenture and Microsoft partnered with the Indian Government’s Digital India Corporation to equip citizens with MyGov Saathi, an AI-chatbot to provide accurate, useful and latest information related to COVID-19. Saathi combines data and analytics, NLP and conversation AI capabilities to serve up to 50,000 users every day.

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How India Fights COVID With Artificial Intelligence
Organisations are leveraging machine learning, software-as-a-service and data analytics etc to fight the ongoing pandemic.
Source- https://analyticsindiamag.com/how-india-fights-covid-with-artificial-intelligence/

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