Fractals in mathematics is a complex geometric shapes that commonly have “fractional dimension”. Fractals is a pattern that repeats forever and every part of it, regardless of how zoomed in or zoomed out, it looks very similar to whole image.

Fractals in Real life:

  1. Snowflakes
    We all have heard that every snowflake is unique.The factor contributing to their uniqueness is that they form fractal patterns.
  1. Lightning
    If you’ve ever watched a lightning storm, you’re getting a front row show to one of the nature,s most powerful display of fractals. When electricity passes through a medium that does not conduct electricity(like air) the patterns is created becomes Fractal.
  1. Romanesco Broccoli:
    This type of broccoli has an incredible structure of spires which emanate from a single source that in turn have their own spires which continue on the tip of the plant.
  1. 2D Modeling
    Computers allow Fractals to be generated as mathematical formulas rather than finite shapes. Using Fractals a formula can be created that has jagged corners at every scale of the object. This means that if you have a line on a shape that appears to be straight, if you were to zoom in closer, you would quickly see that “straight” line is actually covered in jagged edges. This pattern repeats infinitely, resulting in an infinite jagged shape with no straight lines, and only edges, as well as an infinite perimeter. Exploring this accomplishment in meaningful detail would not be possible without modern computers.
What is a Fractal? – The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Fractals
What is a Fractal? How do fractals work? What are Fractals used for? All of these questions about Fractals explained, and more in this ultimate guide.

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