Data exploration is the initial step in data analysis, where users explore a large data set in an unstructured way to uncover initial patterns, characteristics, and points of interest.

Probyto AI helps it’s user to run basic queries on the data and save it such as:

  • Browse database metadata and execute queries.
  • Save queries and download data.

To explore uploaded dataset follow this steps:

Step 1: Go to Data Explorer in BI Analytics in left navigation panel.


Step 2: Select relative Data Source and the columns of dataset on which you want to run query.

Data Explorer 

Step 3: Select relative Conditions and the group of dataset on which you want to run query.

Data Explorer 

Step 4: After completing above steps make sure to provide records detail so that you can get a filtered data in result and then click on Run Query.

Data Explorer : Run Query

Step 5: In order to save this query and re run it in future day yo can save by clicking on Save Query  and also can download it in you local directory.

Data Explorer : Save query & Download

Step 6: You can access the previously saved queries in below tables and re-run it to explore database with same queries.

Data Explorer : Saved Queries

Probyto AI also provides some additional features to its users such as-
Filter– You can filter saved queries according to your needs.
Action– You can do action like download, view query and run query according it.

Conclusion: We saw how Probyto AI makes Data Exploration interesting to work around data and explore it with set of queries and ease of solving it.

In upcoming next steps we’ll show you, how to create a Report Scheduling using Probyto AI.