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In Android development, you write views in Kotlin or Java; in iOS development, you use Swift or Objective-C. With React Native, you can invoke these views with JavaScript using React components. At runtime, React Native creates the corresponding Android and iOS views for those components. Because React Native components are backed by the same views as Android and iOS, React Native apps look, feel, and perform like any other apps. We call these platform-backed components Native Components.

React Native comes with a set of essential, ready-to-use Native Components you can use to start building your app today. These are React Native’s Core Components.

React Native also lets you build your own Native Components for Android and iOS to suit your app’s unique needs. We also have a thriving ecosystem of these community-contributed components. Check out Native Directory to find what the community has been creating.

Core Components

React Native has many Core Components for everything from form controls to activity indicators. You can find them all documented in the API section. You will mostly work with the following Core Components:

<View><ViewGroup><UIView>A non-scrollling <div>A container that supports layout with flexbox, style, some touch handling, and accessibility controls
<Text><TextView><UITextView><p>Displays, styles, and nests strings of text and even handles touch events
<Image><ImageView><UIImageView><img>Displays different types of images
<ScrollView><ScrollView><UIScrollView><div>A generic scrolling container that can contain multiple components and views
<TextInput><EditText><UITextField><input type="text">Allows the user to enter text

In the next section, you will start combining these Core Components to learn about how React works. Have a play with them here now!

Core Components and Native Components · React Native
React Native lets you compose app interfaces using Native Components. Conveniently, it comes with a set of these components for you to get started with right now—the Core Components!

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