The Internet has become a platform for online learning, exchanging ideas, and sharing opinions. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are rapidly gaining popularity as they allow people to share and express their views about topics, have discussions with different communities, or post messages across the world. There has been a lot of work […]

By analyzing historical events, companies can use predictive modeling to increase the probability of forecasting events, customer behavior, as well as financial, economic, and market risks.The rapid migration to digital products has created a sea of data that is readily available to businesses. Big data is utilized by companies to improve the dynamics of the […]

Anomaly detection refers to the problem of finding patterns in data that do not conform to expected behavior. These nonconforming patterns are often referred to as anomalies, outliers, discordant observations, exceptions, aberrations, surprises, peculiarities, or contaminants in different application domainsWith all the analytics programs and various management software available, it’s now easier than ever for […]

Mining your business process data is a way of extracting insights into the way your business actually works, enabling you to drive digital transformation by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes across your entire organization.The application of process mining offers you deep insight into the workings of your business, giving you visibility into […]