Bounding Box is commonly used in image or video tagging, this is an imaginary box drawn on an image. The contents of the box are labeled to help a model recognise it as a distinct type of object.

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Bounding boxes are used across various fields in recent years. Few of which are mentioned below.

  1. Bounding boxes are used for object localisation for autonomous vehicle driving
  2. Bounding boxes are used for vehicle damage detection and insurance claims
  3. Bounding boxes are used for object detection for online retail or e-commerce
  4. Bounding boxes are used for drone and robotics imagery
  5. Bounding boxes are used for indoor object detection
Image Processing Techniques: What Are Bounding Boxes?
Bounding boxes are one of the most popular—and recognized tools when it comes toimage processing for image and video annotation projects. Image processing is one of the main reasons why computer vision continues toimprove and drive innovative AI-based technologies. From self-driving cars tofacia…

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