With Probyto AIMS you can bring all your resources and infrastructure in a Single Platform allowing your team to focus on Business Usecase while all tools and management come out of the box.

Single Tenant System has exactly one copy of each component ( No Sharing — No Tenancy). Each user will have their own version/copy of the application, and database and may have different protocols as well.One of the biggest critiques of the Multi-Tenant system has been customizations are problematic as businesses grow, and have their unique needs not met. Security of data is somewhat fixed as you can see with the success and adoption of large SaaS platforms.

Each user can have different sets of Roles and Access privileges. Probyto AIMS provides a feature to build unlimited Custom Roles based on policies and have a control on user access at very granular level.

Probyto AIMS allows you to restrict access to the platform by selecting specific countries. This makes sure you get a real-time notification if your AIMS data is accessed from an undesired country and hence comply Data Residency.

Probyto AIMS allows social features within the team such as like for responding positively towards an idea, sharing to circulate the assets across the teams, and discussions on the assets using comment features.

Tracking numerous AI Assets and managing them is tough for a growing team. Being able to quickly find the deployed models or active dashboards helps teams deliver faster.

Probyto AIMS provides an option to allow users to have one or more active sessions at a time to access meta information of your AI use cases. Ensuring no two sessions are active at any time.

Probyto AIMS asset and task management workflow will allow users to get their upcoming tasks approved with hours and due date along with purpose by the workspace owner.

Access expiration date can be set to deactivate a user on a pre-set date. Probyto AIMS provides an option to set up access expiry date based on users' access needs and/or to limit or end access to the portal in case of a hack/separation happens.