Manually grading the essays produced by pupils takes a long time. Furthermore, it is very hard to verify plagiarism using every technique accessible to determine whether the information is genuine. This necessitates the use of essay graders and plagiarism checkers.Professors can benefit greatly from AI-powered essay graders since they can assist them grade students in […]

Birds are ecological indicators, and they react swiftly to changes in the environment. As a result, it is critical to classify birds in order to comprehend ecological issues. Manual categorization of birds may be done by domain specialists, but owing to the massive growth of data, it has become a laborious and time-consuming procedure. This […]

This involves collecting and analyzing large amounts of data from a variety of sources in order to manage and anticipate consumer behaviors, shopping preferences, cost-effective items, suppliers, delivery, revenue forecasting, discounts, and customer future purchasing, among other things.Amazon, a retail firm with a global reach, uses AI for all of these functions. This is an […]

At present, the number of vehicle owners is increasing, and the cars with autonomous driving functions have attracted more and more attention. The lane detection combined with cloud computing can effectively solve the drawbacks of traditional lane detection relying on feature extraction and high definition, but it also faces the problem of excessive calculation.Lane detection […]

Handwritten digit recognition, we face many challenges because of different styles of writing of different peoples as it is not an Optical character recognition.Handwritten digit recognition has not only professional and commercial applications but also has practical application in our daily life and can be of great help to the visually impaired. It also helps […]

Stock Price Prediction using machine learning helps you discover the future value of company stock and other financial assets traded on an exchange. The entire idea of predicting stock prices is to gain significant profits. Predicting how the stock market will perform is a hard task to do. There are other factors involved in the […]

House prices increase every year, so there is a need for a system to predict house prices in the future. House price prediction can help the developer determine the selling price of a house and can help the customer to arrange the right time to purchase a house. There are three factors that influence the […]

Pattern recognition has a variety of applications, including image processing, speech and fingerprint recognition, aerial photo interpretation, optical character recognition in scanned documents such as contracts and photographs, and even medical imaging and diagnosis. Pattern recognition is also the technology behind data analytics. For example, the technique can be used to predict stock market outcomes.Pattern […]

The Simple Recommender offers generalized recommendations to every user based on movie popularity and (sometimes) genre. The basic idea behind this recommender is that movies that are more popular and more critically acclaimed will have a higher probability of being liked by the average audience. This model does not give personalized recommendations based on the […]

Traditionally most insurance companies employ actuaries to calculate the insurance premiums. Actuaries are business professionals who use mathematics and statistics to assess the risk of financial loss and predict the likelihood of an insurance premium and claim, based on the factors/features like age and gender, etc. They typically produce something called an actuarial table provided […]

The Internet has become a platform for online learning, exchanging ideas, and sharing opinions. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are rapidly gaining popularity as they allow people to share and express their views about topics, have discussions with different communities, or post messages across the world. There has been a lot of work […]

By analyzing historical events, companies can use predictive modeling to increase the probability of forecasting events, customer behavior, as well as financial, economic, and market risks.The rapid migration to digital products has created a sea of data that is readily available to businesses. Big data is utilized by companies to improve the dynamics of the […]

Anomaly detection refers to the problem of finding patterns in data that do not conform to expected behavior. These nonconforming patterns are often referred to as anomalies, outliers, discordant observations, exceptions, aberrations, surprises, peculiarities, or contaminants in different application domainsWith all the analytics programs and various management software available, it’s now easier than ever for […]

Smart Grids (SG) have emerged as a solution to the increasing demand for energy worldwide. The grid refers to the traditional electrical grid that is a collection of transmission lines, substations, and other components that make sure energy is delivered from the power plant to the home or business. The smartness in the SG resides […]

Mining your business process data is a way of extracting insights into the way your business actually works, enabling you to drive digital transformation by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes across your entire organization.The application of process mining offers you deep insight into the workings of your business, giving you visibility into […]

Customers are the backbone of any modern business. They can lead your business to greater heights if you know how to leverage their participation. Customers invest in your services and products at various stages of their customer journey.In every business it was proven about 80–20 rule., this rule tells us 80% of our revenue will […]


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