Abhishek Kumar - 10 months ago

Probyto has got approval to start as incubate at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati-Technology Incubation Centre (IITG-TIC). IIT Guwahati support is extended for development of Data Products and skill development in area of data science field. 


Probyto will be working out of the Technology Incubation Centre for development of their Data Platform capabilities and skill development of North East talent in Data Science. IIT Guwahati research and IT infrastructure will give big boost prototype development in Data Science.

Probyto will be providing internship opportunities to students to learn Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and become ready for career in these fields. The research collaboration will be extended to other institutions of North East Region. Probyto will also extend its reach to other agencies active in the region in similar areas.

Probyto will also work with IITG-TIC to host competition and data product ideation for commercialisation with shared Intellectual Property. Probyto other offices in other parts of India and global will work closely with talent at TIC center.

About IIT Guwahati

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, the sixth member of the IIT fraternity, was established in 1994. The academic programme of IIT Guwahati commenced in 1995. At present the Institute has eleven departments and five inter-disciplinary academic centres covering all the major engineering, science and humanities disciplines, offering BTech, BDes, MA, MDes, MTech, MSc and PhD programmes. Within a short period of time, IIT Guwahati has been able to build up world class infrastructure for carrying out advanced research and has been equipped with state-of-the-art scientific and engineering instruments. Indian Institute of Technology 

Guwahati's campus is on a sprawling 285 hectares plot of land on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra around 20 kms. from the heart of the city. With the majestic Brahmaputra on one side, and with hills and vast open spaces on others, the campus provides an ideal setting for learning.