AT Kearney’s report explores the talent crunch the industry is facing for realizing the real value of Data Analytics. The challenge is bigger as the shortage is delaying the roll-out of analytics features to internal organizations and customers, causing a competitive pressure. To be able to succeed in the AI transformation journey, organizations need to have multiple roles in sync, including.

  • Roles that are just running basic, reactive SQL queries 100% of the time so someone else can make a decision
  • Roles that are focused on research with limited product impact
  • Data engineering and data infrastructure roles
  • Machine learning roles (research, building production-ready models, building prototype models, feature engineering and model parameter tuning)
  • Full stack data science roles, which focus on product analytics and include experimentation, metric design, modeling, proactive exploration, etc. and are embedded within product teams
  • And 100 other things
Probyto’s Data Services team is ready to deliver that one insight, one model, or one idea that your business was always looking for to leap forward from your competitors. While you focus on your business, our experts take care of your analytics needs.

Our Services

Probyto has been data science success partner for enterprises to realize their data-driven strategy. We provide expert data services to realize our client’s business goals. We provide an end-to-end solution and partner with you in your journey of realizing the full potential of data.

AI Application Development

Probyto develops end to end AI applications adhering to best industry practices.

Big Data Development

Probyto’s Data Engineering and Data Lakes expert help organizations consolidate data assets.

Predictive Machine Learning Models

Probyto’s Machine Learning experts have developed various industry-first cutting-edge predictive models.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Probyto’s business experts help in building the most relevant BI dashboards for decision making.

Data Science Upskill Program

Probyto’s knowledge experts help in up-skilling your staff in Data Science and IoT Skills

Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting

Probyto’ embedded system engineers design end-to-end IoT solutions, ready to give you control.

Creating Business Value

The Data Services of Probyto provides companies with cost optimized expertise as per the need of business and markets. In Data Science, your organization needs a complete end-to-end team to deliver and scale solutions for you. The key benefits of engaging Probyto for your service needs include;

  • Expert teams with industry experience
  • Quick to onboard and execute your next data science solution
  • Cost-optimized model as you don’t need to keep employees and large teams
  • Managed solutions for your long-term business gain from analytics
  • You get exposed to industry expertise Probyto is building by working with many other players

Our Engagement Model

Probyto’s engagement model is flexible to suit the need of client and data related compliance. Our team is adept to work on the public cloud, private cloud and even on-premise IT infrastructure of the clients. Our engagement model provides the best combination of talent and optimized cost for the client.

Fully Outsourced Development

Probyto’s business experts help in building the most relevant BI dashboards for decision making

Onsite Staff Augmentation

Probyto provides experts to work with your employees at your premise, ensuring the success of your team

Offshore-Nearshore-Onshore Hybrid

Probyto’s hybrid engagement model helps our clients with satisfying regulatory compliance and reduce overall project cost

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