The term “innovation” is a common term used inside organization too often and given an important place in strategic planning for long-term success. Innovation is not just represented by new devices, ideas or methods, but also include new ways of doing things, the process. Innovation in today’s times is of utmost importance for organizations to stay ahead of the competition and bring a sense of self-worth to their employees.

Organizations are growing at faster pace and innovation is taking a backseat at big organizations, the true disruption for the business is to innovate, either to improve current market value proposition or to create a whole new market.

Providing your customer with an AR/VR experience to pro-actively managing demand of your product, can give you a long-term value. You can be ahead of the competition or can create a market for yourself and grow it. Are you looking for ideas, we are here to innovate and bring research-driven solutions for your business.

Probyto's AI Innovation Lab is dedicated to working with universities and new talent to continuously innovate and provide our partners and members a lead into disruptive ideas, prototypes and industry knowledge. We innovate for you and better world!

Why do you need to innovate?

As per Forbes,Innovation is vital in the workplace because it gives companies an edge in penetrating markets faster and provides a better connection to developing markets, which can lead to bigger opportunities, especially in rich countries”. Innovation brings a whole set of business value for your organization, including;

  • Newer ways to improve your process
  • Innovative ways to reach to your client
  • Cut down the cost of running the business
  • Create new markets or penetrate the current ones
  • Happier and loyal customers, longitivity to business

Our Core Areas of AI Innovation

Probyto’s AI Innovation Lab is a unique platform for researchers, technologist, and industry experts to brainstorm, ideate and produce prototypes. The prototypes are peer-reviewed and proved to add value at different stages of your business. We at Probyto are running year-round innovation process to keep you at forefront of innovation in the following areas of Data Science and IoT.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Developing use cases in education, machine maintenance, entertainment


Applications include voting systems, records ledger, smart payments for SMEs


Virtual assistants for Tourism, e-commerce, lawyers and other cases of human-like interactions.

Computer Vision/ Deep Learning

Deep learning models to analyze medical images, OCR, tracking objects in drones

Text analysis/NLP

Analyze the treasure of data in text format for question/answer system in telemedicine, email analytics, social media analytics

Internet od Things (IoT)

Designing innovative prototypes with devices and machine learning, in agriculture, manufacturing, and hydroponics

Model for Innovation

Quality Research Work

The innovation process produces numerous research work and opportunity to peer review ideas before offering it to organizations.

Industry White Paper

Contemporary white papers are produced by the work of academia and industry experts in AI Innovation Lab

Research-Talent-Companies Ecosystem

AI Innovation Lab enables a rich ecosystem access for our member institutions and companies to leverage the high-quality innovative solutions

Our offerings

Probyto’s engagement model is flexible to suit the need of client and data related compliance. Our team is adept to work on the public cloud, private cloud and even on-premise IT infrastructure of the clients. Our engagement model provides the best combination of talent and optimized cost for the client

AI Innovation Lab Membership

Access all the latest solutions, research papers, and privileged access to prototypes with Annual Membership.

Paid Rapid Prototypes

We can develop prototypes, start a research project with our academic partners for your specific needs and context.

Buy License to Develop Products

You can buy a license to develop a full product from prototypes shared on the portal. Membership is must to buy a license.

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