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What is Probyto's
AI Innovation Lab

Probyto's AI Innovation Lab is unique platform for researchers, technologists and industry experts to brainstorm, ideate and produce prototypes. The prototypes are peer-reviewed and proven to add value at different stages of your business. Probyto runs year-round innovation process by means of events, journals, sponsorships and online events to keep our solutions at the forefront of innovation in the areas of Data Science and IoT.

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*Source: Harvard Business Review

AI Lab

Why you need to Innovate?

As said by Greg Satell,"Clearly, being able to reach out to scientists on the cutting edge can help a business plan for the future, just as the other approaches, such as design thinking, open innovation, business model innovation, and others, can help propel a business forward if applied in the right context. But no one solution fits all problems."

Source : https://hbr.org/2017/06/the-4-types-of-innovation-and-the-problems-they-solve

We help organisations lead with innovative solutions using Data and IoT for solving niche problems. Organisations can benefit by exploring our AI lab offerings and build time-proof product and services

Our Lab Products

our Services

Probyto's ecosystem of innovation

  • Publish papers & journals in AI/ML domain
  • Publish Technology Reviews and Implementations
  • Students and Research Scholars publish their work
  • Host conference events for researchers & publish proceedings
  • Fully online journal for extensive reach
  • Searchable and indexed papers for technology implementations
  • Selected courses certified by EICT, IIT Guwahati
  • Online portal for all e-learning courses
  • Specialized courses to teach how to implement AI
  • Latest technologies and methods in AI/ML
  • Teaching Industry implementation at your organisation upon request
  • Contributed by our Lab members and Probyto’s team
  • Probyto and its members have published multiple international publications
  • Probyto publish books and articles in various publications
  • Team members are encouraged to publish their experiences and knowledge
  • Open to collaborate for writing books on latest topics in AI/ML/IoT Domain
  • Closely work with Springer and BPB for our college publications
  • Probyto books are used as reference in some courses at universities as well
  • Signed MoU with leading institution for collaborative work
  • Set-up data science labs to work on data problems
  • Host events at campuses for students in AI/ML domain
  • Provide data for faculties and research scholars for analysis
  • Allow students to post articles and blogs on Probyto website
  • Conferences and publication support for academia members

Our Core Areas of AI Innovation

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Developing use cases in education, machine maintenance, entertainment

Computer Vision/ Deep Learning

Deep learning models to analyze medical images, OCR, tracking objects in drones


Applications include voting systems, records ledger, smart payments for SMEs

Text analysis/NLP

Analyze the treasure of data in text format for question/answer system in telemedicine, email analytics, social media analytics


Virtual assistants for Tourism, e-commerce, lawyers and other cases of human-like interactions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Designing innovative prototypes with devices and machine learning, in agriculture, manufacturing, and hydroponics

Model for Innovation

Minimal Viable Data Product(MVDP)

AI Innovation has all its prototpes in minimal viable for licesing for product development or deployment in-house with moodifications.

Quality Research Work

The innovation process produces numerous research work and opportunity to peer review ideas before offering it to organizations.

Industry White Paper

Contemporary white papers are produced by the work of academia and industry experts in AI Innovation Lab

Research-Talent-Companies Ecosystem

AI Innovation Lab enables a rich ecosystem access for our member institutions and companies to leverage the high-quality innovative solutions

Be a part of AI Innovation Lab

Our offerings

Probyto’s engagement model is flexible to suit the need of client and data related compliance. Our team is adept to work on the public cloud, private cloud and even on-premise IT infrastructure of the clients. Our engagement model provides the best combination of talent and optimized cost for the client

Paid Rapid Prototypes

We can develop prototypes, start a research project with our academic partners for your specific needs and context.

Buy License to Develop Products

You can buy a license to develop a full product from prototypes shared on the portal. Membership is must to buy a license.

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Probyto is helping various industries to become data driven in 2020

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