AI Accelerators

A business problem to a deployed Data Science model is a long process and requires an expert team to execute. In the fast-changing technology world, the internal team struggles to keep up to the latest skills and the time to market is long.

Probyto has created off-the-shelf Data Science models and pipelines for different industries with their best practices.  The AI Accelerators from Probyto can help your business to quickly get onto to the Data Science bandwagon in a cost-optimized manner, without getting into the nitty-gritty of too many technologies. There is an immediate need for organizations to adopt industry best practices in Data Science, including.

  • The management of Data Solution pipeline is difficult for small businesses
  • Often businesses want to quickly roll out off-the-shelf solutions and then keep improving the solutions in-house over time.

The AI Accelerators are easy to deploy and adapt to your business needs in a few weeks time.

Probyto’s AI Accelerators are cost optimised, fully managed, best industry models to accelerate your journey from data to actionable models. You focus on your business, and we bring best industry models as quick solutions to your business.

Type of AI Accelerators


Off-the-self Solutions

We have a collection of industry-specific standard models ready to be trained on your data and deployed as API in as minimum as 7 days time.

Minimal Change to Adoption

We can work with business to bring tweaks in algorithms to match your business needs and deploy the solutions as API in as minimum as 30 days.

Customization of Solution

If your business wants to build a customized model, Probyto’s AI Accelerators offer a higher degree of customization to match your business needs and developed in an agile manner


Creating Business Value with AI Accelerators


The AI Accelerators deliver high business value to organizations of all sizes across industries. Probyto’s offering delivers unique and immediate business value for your business, including;

  • Up to 80% reduction in time to deployment of Data Science solution
  • Up to 80% reduction in the cost of AI adoption within your business
  • Access to industry standard models in low cost
  • Fully managed solutions, so you need not to worry about technology or skills
  • Peer-reviewed and validated models and deployment methods
  • Probyto’s expertise for minor and major modifications as per your business


Our AI Accelerators


Probyto has been developing AI Accelerators by analyzing industry trends in Data Science and also validating them with our industry experts for maturity to use. We have an ever-growing list of AI Accelerators across industries, currently, the industry we cover are;


Solutions in Data Aggregation, Price forecasting and quality labelling using IoT data


Travel and Hospitality

Solutions in yield optimization, travel offer bundling, travel recommendation models


Retail and E-Commerce

Solutions in recommendation, market mix, discount, and warranty analysis models


Media and Entertainment

Solutions in social media monitoring, trend discovery, creating content discovery, user profile analysis


Banking and Securities

Solutions in Credit Score Cards, revenue forecast, Monte Carlo simulations



Solutions in predictive underwriting, damage estimation, longevity analysis, social media based user profiling

Telecom Industry

Solutions in Churn Modeling, offer bundling, network quality metrics analysis



Solutions in predictive maintenance, floor monitoring, bill of material optimization


Our Delivery Model


Probyto’s AI Accelerators can be implemented into your business as per the requirements and regulatory compliance. The solutions can be deployed on public cloud, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure. Here is how we do it:

  • Step 1: Choose a Solution and Consult with Probyto’s team
  • Step 2: Transfer business objective, and we train the model on your data
  • Step 3: Model is deployed and start using it.
  • Step 4: Full support of our experts for re-training or customization

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