Probyto, The Data Science Company

Probyto works in domain of latest technology and research relating to development of data related solutions. Probyto create AI equity by feeding in the value cycle, good talent, quality output and client value, hence creating AI equity for societies and companies. With Probyto AI Innovation Lab, the innovation process is streamlined to innovate at scale.

  • Founded in 2015 in India; Expanded our services to Ireland, Singapore and US
  • Striving to deliver best value through our rich experience across geographies and industries using finest of Data Science and Technology
  • Our approach is to become your companion and help you climb the data science success ladder. Your pursuit to achieve superior business value from data is our mission.

AI/ML Democratisation

Be it a small shop or a large business the benefits of AI/ML should reach everyone

Affordable AI

The cost of AI development and operations should allow higher adoption rate

Good for Society

Whatever AI solutions Probyto develops, it needs to keep overall good of society at its core.

Our History

Probyto Journey


Journey Started
Registered the company and opened first office in Coimbatore, India with a mission to become “The Data Science Company"


Research in AI
  • 1st Batch of Interns.
  • Hosted Data Science Day in Coimbatore, India.
  • Delivered CSI workshops.


AI Research
  • Delivered PoC to 2 clients (Energy and Healthcare domain).
  • First research publication and a MoU with PSG Tech for Data Science Collaboration.

Research Clients

Journey Started
  • Second office in Guwahati.
  • Sales office in Ireland and USA.
  • First International client project.
  • 5+ research publications delivered

AI Solutions

Full Stack Data Science
  • Sales office in Singapore opened.
  • LEAP Batch 1 graduated
  • Strong team of 20 professionals delivering value across industries

Managed AI Platform

Scaling AI solutions
  • In-house platform to serve clients with various solutions at lower cost and in less time.
  • Democratising AI for smaller companies

Team Gallery


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