Career at Probyto

Probyto provides a career path uniquely crafted for next decade demands for Data Science and IoT skills.
Come to join us and let’s embark on your unique career path with us


Probyto fosters a culture of working with purpose and innovation. We believe great ideas are buried around us in simplest things. Our people are our strength and make us proud by their contributions not only to the team but also to the Data Science field by means of research papers, teaching, conferences, books, open source contributions, and many other ways. Probyto provides a career path uniquely crafted for next decade demands for Data Science and IoT skills. Come to join us and let’s embark on your unique career path with us

Why Choose Probyto?


  • Being part of a team delivering actual client work across the globe
  • Get paid for contribution in form of research papers, prototypes and open source contributions
  • Access to state-of-art Data Science & IoT infrastructure
  • Be mentored by Industry experts in the domain
  • Opportunities for a career growth
  • Probyto Alumni for life
  • competative compensation

Roles at Probyto


Backend Developers

Developing backend system using latest technology stacks and in micro services architecture.


Quality Assurance

Ensuring the quality of output meets industry standards using automated testing and UAT.


Data Science DevOps

Developing best infrastructure and availability of AI application on cloud.


Customer Insights

Convert business problems and opportunities into AI applications concepts.


UX Designer

Make the best representation of AI products for end user.


UI Engineer

Build the system that ultimately interact to end users using mobile and web apps

Talent Verticals at Probyto

Data Science

Individuals within the Data Scientist role are responsible for modeling complex data problems, discovering business insights and identifying opportunities through the use of statistical, algorithmic, mining and visualization techniques. In addition to advanced analytic skills, this role is also proficient at integrating and preparing large, varied Datasets, architect specialized database and computing environments, and communicating results.

Data Engineering

Individuals within the Big Data Engineer role ensure that data pipelines are scalable, repeatable, and secure, and can serve multiple users within the Institute. They help facilitate getting data from a variety of different sources, getting it in the right formats, assuring that it adheres to data quality standards, and assuring that downstream users can get that data quickly. This role usually functions as a core member of an agile team. These professionals are responsible for the infrastructure that provides insight from raw data and handles diverse sources of data seamlessly.

Data Solution

Data Solution professionals work as the strategic interface with assigned areas of the Institute for business-IT strategy development, solution discovery, service management, risk management and relationship management. These individuals serve as the relationship linkage between the Client and Probyto. They provide highly-valued strategic consulting level support and guidance throughout key Probyto initiatives. They facilitate, and serve as a lead, for the planning and execution of initiatives to enable the Institute to achieve objectives through the effective use of technology. They also communicate decisions, priorities and relevant project information to appropriate levels of staff regarding service requests, projects and initiatives.

IoT Engineering

IoT Engineers focuses on designing SW services and screen based interfaces screen-based products, designing IoT solutions creates totally new design challenges. They deal with multiple elements: physical devices like sensors, actuators and interactive devices, the network connecting these devices, the data gathered from these devices and analyzed to create a meaningful experience and last but definitely not least, the physical context in which user interacts with the solution. The engineer needs to do various types of design, from industrial product design to service and business design.


Who should apply?

The applications will be considered with the following criteria :

  • Full-time availability in office premise for the duration of the program
  • Have an adequate understanding of Data Science and its application in their respective area
  • Full-time students are not eligible. For internships, refer to our Summer Camp program
  • Adeptness to computers and analytical process is a must
  • No restriction to Mathematics or Computer Science; we welcome application from any area having an idea in data science application.
  • Good communications skill is a must