Probyto is creating the next generation of data science solutions to feed the huge demand for data products and data-driven decision tools. Our working model is to first create a strong statistical foundation and sponsor research work in algorithms and then convert them into market-ready products or services.

In the core of all stellar data products is an out of box algorithm and logic, which we are creating with collaboration with top universities and subject matter experts. We have established an AI Innovation Lab in collaboration with universities and signed MoU with academia for cutting-edge research and prototype development for data science. Our algorithm and prototype development center are based out of India and we help companies across industries and geographies leverage the power of data.

Probyto continues to explore different areas and create data driven solutions. We believe becoming data driven should be core to organisations and individuals as well.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Probyto office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.
2019 is year of making Data Science (AI/ML) more accessible, RoI Driven and faster to market. Empowering organisations with Data Solutions at scale should be the focus of industry.
Abhishek Singh
Director, Probyto

Our Values

Our vision is to create value from data for a better future with the following principles.
  • Hire the BEST talent and nurture
  • Be the customer SUCCESS partner
  • STRONG work ethics & global culture
  • HIGH quality output & long term partnership
  • SERVE the society & community we serve

What we are good at

Probyto has covered many milestones in its journey starting from the year 2015. We have been able to deliver stellar Data Products, train future Data Scientists, publish research work and have set-up AI Innovation Lab. We are very proud of our achievements and all the people who led us here.


Research Excellence

Deliver Data Solutions for Local Enterprises

UpSkill Workforce

Train, Educate, Aware, Employ Local Talent in Data Science

Share Learnings

Publish Research Work and Patent Algorithms & Solutions

Ready to Deploy

Leverage Academic Research to Develop Minimal Viable Solutions for Industry

Academic Excellence

Provide Data Science services and products for large scale use

Lead with Data

Comparative and competitive advantage