Probyto AI

Probyto AI solves many pain points of new and growing Data Science teams. It helps by providing a central tool to manage all workflows with the Data team as well as all AI assets created in multiple different portals

AI Overview

Can we track the progress of the business usecases and its benefits?

Track the features of the AI solution and your AI benefits

Get your latest weekly data insights report

AI Ideapad

Can we share business ideas and have discussions around it?

Share and discuss innovative use cases with team

Upvote, Tag users and Comment in Ideas

AI Usecases

Is it possible to list all the assets related to a business usecase and track RoI?

Manage all your business usecases with RoI driven approach

Stay updated with all the AI assets built for each use case

Data Sources

How to manage different data sources to be connected?

Configure and connect to the requested data sources

In each dataset, setup data attributes with Column Names, Data types, etc for basic data queries

Secure Upload

Our data is dumped as CSV, can it be uploaded directly to Probyto AI?

Upload CSV data from Secure Upload in Probyto AI

Manage and download data for quick access

ETL Jobs

Does Probyto AI showcase the operations run on the data?

Track the ETL jobs performed on your data

Check the customized status to track the different stages of data operations

Data Anonymization

Few of the fields in our data are sensitive. Can we mask it?

Anonymize private & sensitive information in your data

You can mask, encrypt, rename or delete any information in your data

Data Connectors

We work in Big Query. Does Probyto AI permit to connect to it?

Connect Probyto AI to different multiple data sources. For e.g. SAP, Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift, etc

Request Probyto to build Data Connectors for other sources

BI Dashboards

Is it possible to log and view all the dashboards built by the team?

Configure, Connect and Manage all the built dashboards

Start building your BI dashboards in dashboards.probyto.com

Report Scheduling

Can we get BI reports every Monday at 10 AM?

Schedule your dashboards and reports to stay updated without any hassle

Share it with specific users so that they too get updated

Data Explorer

Is it possible to run basic queries on the data and save it?

Browse database metadate and execute queries

Save queries and download data

BI Integrations

We are currently working in PowerBI. Can Probyto AI connect to PowerBI?

Connect Probyto AI to different multiple visualization tools. For e.g. Tableau, Power BI, Data Studio, Looker, etc

Request Probyto to build BI integrations for other sources

ML Models

Hundreds of ML models are developed and tested but unable to track them

Configure, Connect and Manage all the built ML models. Track all your experiments & artifacts

Start developing your ML models in jupyter.probyto.com

ML Notebooks

Can we access and view all the notebooks built by the Data Scientists?

Log all the production ready ML notebooks built by the team

Access and view all the ML notebooks for a quick sight

ML Environments

Team is managing Jupyter NBs in Probyto AI. Is it possible to track models built in R language?

Connect Probyto AI to different multiple programming language environments. For e.g. Python, R, Julia, etc

Request Probyto to build ML Environments for other sources

ML Deployments

Can we log and manage all the model deployments in Probyto AI?

Configure, Connect and Manage all the ML model deployments. Expose your models as API

Deploy your all ML models in preferred production environment

ML Docker Registry

Is it possible to access the Docker images to deploy it anywhere?

Configure, Connect and Manage all the Docker images

Access all the Docker images of ML models at one place

ML Jobs

Can we track the training jobs and check the scoring?

Track the ML jobs performed on your ML model

Check the customized status to track the different stages of model building

ML Services

Can we connect to a preferred API Gateway to manage all the APIs?

Connect Probyto AI to different multiple ML Services. For e.g. Kong, WSO2, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, etc

Request Probyto to build ML Services for other sources

ML Monitor

Our ML models might require some feedback. Is it possible to continuously monitor and provide the same?

Continuously monitor the performance of the ML models

Provide feedback to the ML models for continuous improvements

User Management

Is it possible to manage the Users and control their access?

Add Users with 2FA security, Edit and Deactivate any time

Granular access control policies for users with RBAC


Can we share business ideas and have discussions around it?

Track your invoices for the subscription

Upgrade your subscription and add new users

Close Account

How does Probyto AI manage the closing subscription?

Request to Probyto for closure of account in Probyto AI

Download your application data and assets in the process

Company Profile

Does Probyto AI allow to onboard various departments in an organization?

Setup Organization with basic details and logo

Add departments and activate/deactivate accordingly

AI Innovation Lab

How AI Innovation Lab benefit Probyto AI customers?

Get access to pre-built AI solutions developed by Probyto Experts

Stay updated with latest blogs, e-learning courses and research works


Can we make notes in specifies pages of the platform?

Add quick notes in each page

Search & Filter for quick access


Will we be notified with updates and alerts?

Get notified with latest updates and alerts

Search & Filter for quick access


Does Probyto AI provide documentation for ease of use?

Get access to proper documentation of Probyto AI

Stay updated with new feature releases


Is it possible to access support over phone or email?

Probyto team is available for 24*7 support

Request Probyto for any AI asset building

User Profile

What are the information collected for onboarding an user?

Onboard users with basic information's and profile picture

Assign roles and secure user profile with 2FA

Workflow Management

I want to assign tasks to users and prioritize it to work efficiently

Manage tasks assigned to users and workflows

If short of resources, Request to Probyto

Access Control

What type of access control does Probyto AI provide?

Probyto AI provides Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system

Granular access control policies to define roles

Data Policy

Can we upload organization policies and make it accessible to users?

Upload data policies, NDAs, TPAs, etc

Assign relevant documents to users for quick read

Generate Reports

Generating quick reports of the AI assets can help in business meetings

Generate aggregated reports for all activities in Probyto AI

Use custom filters and generate reports in CSV or PDF

Cyber Security

How secure our data is? How can we assess the risk?

Access comprehensive cyber security

Monitor and track all the user activities

System Audit

Is there any audit system to improve the governance?

Track the system audits

Monitor the user actions

oAuth Authentication

We want to manage authorized users to access multiple third party applications from Probyto AI

Manage licenses of AI tools for team

Manage user access to third party tools

Service Settings

Can we customize the status and types of AI assets?

Setup types for all the services

Customize the status for respective assets

Theme Settings

Is there any place to change the appearance of the platform?

Configure the layout of Probyto AI

Change background color of the platform

API Access

Can we connect a custom built application for monitoring benefits from Probyto AI?

Build and manage the API access

Extend Probyto AI with application to integrate

Email Settings

Do you allow customization in email alerts and notifications?

Get recent updates via Email for AI activities

Customize the notifications and alerts

Chat Assistant

Can the chat assistant handle cognitive queries on the AI assets?

Perform quick actions with Chat Assistant

Make basic queries about the AI assets in Probyto AI

Custom DNS

Can we personalize the application by using our own DNS?

Have your own DNS to work with your clients or internally. www.company.com?

Make it easy for your team or your clients find you easily using custom domain names

Probyto Open AI Stack

Are you looking to modernize your whole AI stack?

Get set of open source tools fully managed by Probyto on your cloud or on-premise

The stack include FaaS platform, Hosted Jupyter Lab, Code Repository, ML workflow and lot other tools for your team to start building models on the fly

Private Cloud Deployment

We don't want our data to be managed in public

Deploy the solution in your private cloud or on-premise system within your own security controls

You can also deploy on public cloud managed by Probyto for fully managed experience

SSO Integration

Can the users access the AI Stack with common enterprise credential?

We can integrate custom authentication and authorization module on request

Use existing access management system to allow users access to Probyto AI

Data Residency

Where does application generated data reside?

Define data residency requirements for your deployed versions

For cloud version we provide data residency in all available regions in choice of your cloud provider

VPN or IP Limits

Do you want to limit access by VPN or IP address?

Cyber shield can allow you to define cyber security rules to block access from certain IPs

Limit user access using custom security policies set by Probyto engineering team

Dedicated Support

Does Probyto AI provide support to any queries?

Request Probyto for dedicated support for AI asset building

Get access to dedicated relationship manager for all your requirements

Organization Level Billing

Do you plan to run multiple instances of Probyto AI with your organization?

Probyto AI can be deployed for your sub business units needs or per departments, and can be billed at organization level

Running data operations in multiple countries, have centralize global billing

In-Person Staff Training

Does Probyto provide training to onboard Probyto AI?

Training sessions are provided to the customers for smooth onboarding

Dedicated channel to access trainings and resources from customer success team

On-demand Resources

Can we request Probyto experts for consultation?

You can get dedicated resource with skills of your requirement sin AI domain on demand

Available on demand to fulfil your needs on time, paid per hour

Did you find features solving your Challenges? Let's take the next steps!