AI/ML Democratisation

Be it a small shop or a large business the benefits of AI/ML should reach everyone


Affordable AI

The cost of AI development & operations should allow higher adoption rate


Good for Society

Whatever AI solutions Probyto develops, it needs to keep overall good of society

About Company

Probyto works in domain of latest technology and research relating to development of data related solutions. Probyto create AI equity by feeding in the value cycle, good talent, quality output and client value, hence creating AI equity for societies and companies. With Probyto AI resources bouquet, the innovation process is streamlined to innovate at scale.


Nuture Young Talent and Hire the best talent among them

Social Good

Focus on highest quality output for our customers and society

Client Value

Every effort should result in client value and strive to do it better


Build AI Equity with responsible AI practices and serve the society.

About Team

Proyto team works keeping customer needs at the center of Product design. The team consists of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Consultants, Academics and Full Stack Engineers. We take pride in our team and diversity.


The team consists of talent from various parts of country and diverse academic background

Young Talent

The average age of employee is 30 years, making the team agile and latest technology aware

What we love doing?

The team members apart from building fantastic data products, loves to cook, travel, start watching and play games


Probyto provides a career path uniquely crafted for next decade demands for Data Science and IoT skills. At Probyto we have various ways to provide offer position with us.

Learn and Earn At Probyto

Learn and Earn At Probyto (LEAP) program at Probyto allows final year students to work in our set-up for a period of 3 months

Full Time Employment

We keep reaching out to the talent in market to join us full time in our various business verticals

Research Scholars

We work closely with academia on cutting edge new technologies and algorithms to help them publish work

Summer Camp

We run a 4 week small summer camp for open people to build innovative solutions driven by data